Water is an important natural resource and it’s good to conserve it, especially in times of drought. Even if your area has an abundant supply of water, reducing your household’s usage will save you money with a lower utility bill. Here are a few easy ways to save water at home.

Turn Off the Tap to Save Water at Home

You’ve probably heard it often, but a small change can make a big difference: turn off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth. Use the water to dampen the toothbrush, then turn it off. After brushing, turn the tap back on to rinse. Practice the same method when washing your hands or shaving and you’ll save gallons of water every week.

Install a Rain Barrel

A rain barrel will come in handy, especially if you enjoy gardening. Installing a container to capture water from your downspout provides a useful and free source of water. The rain barrel can save enough rainwater to supply your flower beds, trees, and garden with plenty of moisture.

Use a Low-Flow Showerhead

New showerheads reduce the amount of water necessary to maintain good water pressure. Install a waterfall showerhead for a luxurious experience. There are different models to choose from, including some styles that feature the standard showerhead as well as a hand-held shower wand. You’ll save water and still have plenty of water pressure to enjoy your shower.

Save Water at Home by Only Running Machines with a Full Load

Two of the most often used appliances, the dishwasher and the clothes washing machine, use a lot of water. To conserve this resource, only run the machines when they are full. Fewer loads mean lower electric and water bills and you’ll extend the life of your household appliances.

Take Care When Watering Your Lawn

You want to keep your lawn healthy, but don’t waste water by sprinkling the sidewalks, driveway, or side of the house. Double-check your sprinklers to make sure they are actually watering the grass. Water your lawn earlier in the day to allow the soil to absorb the moisture before the heat of the sun causes it to evaporate. The grass will be healthier and you won’t have to water as often.

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