If you are looking for a new summer activity that you can do with your kids, why not get them involved in gardening? You may already have a garden started and want to teach them how to help you with it. At this point in the summer, it isn’t too late to start a garden if you haven’t yet. Check out these tips for gardening with kids so you can spend quality time outdoors.

Best Plants to Grow with Kids

Think about which plants will be the most fun for kids to grow. Edible plants are always a good choice because they can look forward to harvesting fruits and vegetables. Kids get excited about seeing colorful flowers bloom, so pick out some plants that have big, brightly-colored flowers like sunflowers.

Container Gardening with Kids

While kids can help in any kind of garden, container gardening is especially easy because it has a smaller footprint. You could even designate a group of containers for each child so they are responsible for their very own garden. Taking care of their own potted plants will teach them about responsibility and consequences. Some of the best plants to grow in a container include tomatoes, strawberries, and greens.

Teaching Kids How to Weed

Pulling up weeds is a necessary part of gardening. Teach children how to tell the difference between the crops you are growing and unwanted intruders. Show them how to pull weeds out by the root so they won’t quickly grow back. Gardening is always easier when you have some extra help weeding the bed.

Learning Opportunities When Gardening With Kids

Gardening is a great opportunity to teach kids about saving water. First thing in the morning, take them outside to water the garden. Explain to them that waiting to water the garden in the middle of the day is wasteful because the water will evaporate before it sinks down into the roots. Gardening is a great way to teach kids about science and the environment.

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