‏‏The longer problems go unresolved, the more serious they become. If you’re interested in preventing issues and protecting your home, have it inspected regularly. Keep reading to learn what a home maintenance inspection is and when you should order one. ‏

‏What is a Home Maintenance Inspection? ‏

Similar to other types of inspections, a home maintenance inspection is carried out by a professional home inspector. The inspector walks through the property and will assess the condition of the home.

‏Professional inspectors are knowledgeable and well-trained individuals. They inspect all aspects of the structure, including the foundation, walls, and roof. The inspector will also look at the plumbing, electrical system, and HVAC system. Every system and component will be assessed, looking for problems or safety concerns.

‏After the inspection, the inspector creates a report that is shared with the homeowner. The homeowner can use the information in the report to prioritize repairs, make long-term plans, and verify their home is a safe and healthy place to live. ‏

A home maintenance inspection differs from a buyers’ home inspection in that it doesn’t involve a residential real estate transaction.‏

‏When Do I Need an Inspection? ‏

‏You can order a home maintenance inspection at any time. ‏‏Here are a few reasons you might schedule one. ‏

● ‏An inspection helps with the early detection of problems with the home.‏ ‏ Wood rot, termite infestation, and a cracked foundation are some of the biggest headaches in homeownership. These problems are easier to deal with if you find them early. The sooner you know there is an issue, the more options you have in making repairs.

● ‏ Prepare to invest in your home. Perhaps you have extra cash because you have recently paid off the mortgage. If you are able to put funds into repairing, renovating, or updating your home, use that money wisely. The home inspector will present you with a list of issues that you can organize by level of urgency. ‏

● ‏Plan ahead. Home maintenance inspections don’t just reveal what’s wrong with the house now, they can also give you a glimpse of problems that you might face in the future. Knowing that you’ll need to replace your roof in the next ten years gives you the ability to plan and budget for the project.‏

● ‏Make sure your home is safe with an inspection. Becoming a parent makes you see the world a bit differently. A home maintenance inspection will give you peace of mind that your home is a safe space for a child.

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