When making improvements to your property, it’s a good idea to understand the actual condition of the home. No matter if you’re installing new floors, converting the attic into a home office, or building an additional bedroom onto your home, order an inspection before renovating.

Inspect the Structure Before Renovating

Before updating your home, make sure the structure can support the work you will be doing. Hidden problems with the foundation, framework, or electrical system can cause issues during renovations. Spending money on quality hardwood flooring and installation will boost the value of your home. However, if the new flooring is installed over rotting or damaged floor joists, the money could be wasted when future, invasive repairs are needed. If you plan to build an additional room, make sure your foundation and the electrical system can support the add-on.

Discover Hazardous Materials by Ordering an Inspection Before Renovating

Depending on the year your home was built, it may have been constructed with materials that are now known to be unsafe. Asbestos insulation, aluminum wiring, and lead-based paint are a few of the products that were commonly used in homes built before the late 1970s. Many of these materials are not considered dangerous as long as they are not disturbed, but renovations may require dealing with these components of the home.

Hiring a home inspector means a professional will assess the property. He or she can identify the materials used to construct the home. Renovations that disturb lead paint or asbestos insulation will need to be performed by a trained mitigation crew or the materials will need to be removed before your general contractor can safely perform the work.

Decide Which Improvements are Most Important

Some home inspectors offer maintenance inspections to find problems that are occurring in a home. These inspections give the homeowner accurate, up-to-date information about the condition of the property. With an inspection, you can prioritize home improvement projects.

Perhaps you’re dreaming of a complete bathroom remodel, but your inspector finds problems with polybutylene piping. This type of plumbing pipe is prone to leaks and ruptures, and could potentially cause water damage to your home. You might decide to hold off on the bathroom remodel and, instead, use the money to replace your plumbing pipes. This choice would be the better investment for the sake of your home.

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