The weather is getting colder and it’s time to prepare your home for winter if you haven’t already done so. The changing temperatures and freezing and thawing cycles can cause damage to your property. Use these tips and preventative measures to get your home ready for the season.

‏Inspect the Roof to Prepare Your Home for Winter‏

The roof protects the structure of your home and your family from the elements. Routinely check the roof to make sure it’s in good condition. Look for signs like missing or broken shingles and bent or rusted flashings and make any needed repairs. Do this ahead of winter to prevent leaks and water damage to your home. Hire a roofing contractor to check the roof and make sure it’s ready for colder weather.

Clean the Gutters

To protect your home, clean the gutters by removing leaves, pine needles, and other debris. This will help prevent a buildup of ice and water that can damage the roof, siding, landscaping, and foundation.‏

‏Insulate Plumbing Pipes‏

‏Exposed pipes are prone to freezing and bursting, so prepare your home for winter by insulating them. This will also help reduce your energy bill because your plumbing loses less heat to the environment when the pipes are insulated. It also helps prevent costly repairs and water damage associated with burst pipes.‏

‏It is especially important to insulate plumbing pipes along exterior walls. Look for gaps and cracks in exterior walls and seal them with foam insulation to keep your home and pipes better protected from freezing temperatures.

‏Maintain the HVAC System‏

‏Another way to prepare your home for winter is by testing your heating system to make sure it’s working properly. Accumulated dust and dirt will reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system, so be sure to clean or replace dirty filters regularly. ‏

‏Schedule a maintenance visit from an HVAC technician and have them inspect the components of the system. A professional will tune up the HVAC unit and make repairs when necessary. This is the best way to boost efficiency and it also extends the life of your heating system.

‏Prepare Your Home for Winter by Draining Outdoor Faucets

‏When winter comes, it’s time to put your sprinkler system away to prevent damage from freezing temperatures. Disconnect the sprinkler system and drain the garden hoses before storing them inside for the season. ‏Use an air compressor to blow out the sprinkler system to make sure no water is trapped in it.

‏Shut off the water valve to your outside taps and drain the faucets. Because the pipes are near the exterior of your home, they are more exposed to the elements. Any water left inside will freeze and damage the pipes and seals.‏

‏Insulate the Windows and Doors‏

‏If you want to reduce heating costs, insulate the windows and doors. An easy way to prepare your home for winter in this regard is to install weatherstripping and seal any gaps around your windows and doors that may let cold air inside.‏

‏To be ready for colder weather, insulate your pipes, windows, and doors and perform maintenance work on your roof and HVAC system. In addition, drain the outdoor faucets and your sprinkler system. These home maintenance tasks will protect your home and your investment.

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