DIY home projects are rewarding, but they can also be dangerous. People have to go to the emergency room every year to treat accidents caused when working on their homes. Stay safe by following these precautions for DIY home projects.

Wear Protective Gear

One of the most important precautions involves protective gear. Using power tools and chemicals can cause permanent injury to your hands, skin, ears, nose, mouth, lungs, and eyes. Depending on what you are using, wear appropriate protective gear. Keep safety goggles, masks, ear protection, gloves, and heavy-duty work shoes on hand and wear them while completing DIY home projects.

Lighting Precautions for DIY Projects

Working with sharp tools and heavy machinery in dim spaces is not safe. Always make sure to have bright overhead lights when working. If the area you are working in does not have built-in lights, use a headlamp or another battery-powered option to illuminate the space.

Declutter the Area

When working on DIY projects, you might need to plug in several extension cords for lights and tools. Cords running across the floors and pathways are a tripping hazard, so keep them along walls and out of the way. Declutter the area of other things that are laying on the floor so that people can move about freely.

Ladder Safety for DIY Home Projects

If your project involves climbing on a ladder, use ladder safety precautions. Only climb on a ladder with someone else present to stabilize the ladder and keep an eye on you. Place the ladder at a 75-degree angle, resting on solid and level ground. Always wear non-slip shoes when climbing a ladder.

Precautions for DIY Home Projects: Work While Alert

It’s important to only take on DIY projects when you’re alert. If you aren’t feeling well or haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep, wait until another day when you can better focus. Mistakes tend to happen when you are tired and not well-rested. A small mistake can lead to a serious injury.

Keep Children and Pets Away

When working with tools, paints, and chemicals, keep children and pets away from your workspace. They could bump into you or make a mess of things while you aren’t looking. Keep kids and pets in another room with supervision.

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