Selling a home is a complicated process. There are many different factors to consider when deciding on a sale price. The condition of the home and its major components play a significant role in how long the home stays on the market. Buyers want to know that a home has a sound roof, efficient HVAC, safe wiring, and no pests. That’s why a pre-listing home inspection is the most important first step in getting a house ready to sell. Here are 4 reasons why this inspection is so helpful.

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection is Objective

In any real estate transaction, the buyer might be skeptical about the condition of the building. A home inspector has no stake in the sale. He or she will provide an unbiased and honest assessment in the pre-listing home inspection. When you have a pre-listing inspection report to show to the buyer, you are providing information from a credible source.

Home Inspectors are Qualified

There is a big difference between inspecting your own home and having a professional home inspector complete this service. Your own opinion won’t give potential buyers confidence, because they know you want to sell the home. On the other hand, home inspection professionals are trained in how to conduct a fair, complete, and accurate assessment of the home. They understand the major systems in a home and how to evaluate them, and they are well-versed in structural and cosmetic factors.

Home Inspection Reports Detail Specific Information

You might be able to look at your own roof and say that it’s in good condition. Your furnace may seem like it is working well. Your assessment will not satisfy a potential buyer. A pre-listing home inspection report will thoroughly cover these items. Buyers want this level of detail in the information they receive about a home, and home inspectors can provide it. Your buyer will order an inspection either way, so it is better for you to learn about your home before they do. This way, you can make repairs ahead of time or adjust your list price accordingly to allow for them.

It’s Easier to List Your Home After a Home Inspection

Listing your home without a pre-listing home inspection may cause delays in the sale process. For example, you may set your asking price before the inspection and then find out that there is a termite problem. This leaves you scrambling to adjust the list price or pull your listing entirely until it’s fixed, raising concerns among potential buyers. A pre-listing home inspection gives you a complete picture of the home’s condition before you go too far in the process.

With so much to do while selling a home, a pre-listing inspection can fall by the wayside. However, you will have a much more successful selling process if you order the pre-listing inspection first. You’ll have better information to determine the asking price and you’ll gain a competitive edge over other sellers.

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