Most people don’t look forward to moving houses. You’re excited about your new house or apartment, but packing up your whole life is a hassle. It can be stressful, time-consuming, and you realize that you have a lot more things than you thought. Here are some simple packing tips that will make moving a lot easier.

1. Packing Tips: Get Rid of Things

Moving is a great time to get rid of all the things that you don’t need anymore. You probably have a lot of things that don’t work, that you don’t use anymore, and clothes you never wear. Getting rid of unnecessary things will leave you with less stuff to pack and move. You can give things to friends and family, donate them to charity, or maybe even sell them.

2. Separate the Essentials

Think about the things that you will absolutely need right away when you move. For example; toothbrushes, soap, some towels, and a few dishes and cooking utensils. Pack them all in a separate clear container, so that you don’t have to go through countless boxes looking for them the next morning. Likewise, pack the most essential clothes and shoes in an overnight bag.

3. Number the Boxes

There are a lot of ways to label the boxes to make unpacking easier. It’s best to write the label on the side since you won’t be able to see the top when the boxes are stacked. Organize the boxes by room so that you know where each box goes right away. You can also color-code them. If you have extra time, you can number the boxes and make a list of what’s in each one. This way, it will be easier to find that one item that you need.

4. Packing Tips to Protect Fragile Items

Use a lot of padding when packing fragile and breakable items to keep them safe. Use packing paper, bubble wrap, or even blankets and towels. When packing plates, stack them vertically and fill the remaining space with bubble wrap.

5. Use Your Luggage

Instead of packing your luggage, bins, and baskets in boxes, fill them up and use them! You can pack up heavier things in wheeled suitcases, fill your duffle bags with clothes and shoes, and use baskets to transfer lighter things like towels and linens. This way you’ll need fewer boxes and you’ll save space.

6. Packing Tips for Electronics

Before you pack up your electronics, take pictures of the cords so that you can easily set them up when you unpack. If possible, pack them in their original boxes. Take all the small parts, screws, and cords and put them in sandwich bags. Then, tape the bags on the back of the corresponding items.

7. Bonus Tips

  • Pack heavy things in small boxes and fill the large ones with lighter items.
  • Separate clothes that are out of season and pack them in vacuum bags. This way they’ll take up less space and you can put them in storage right away.
  • Put tape on your mirrors and other glassware. This way, even if they break, it won’t make a dangerous mess.
  • Keep your utensils in the organizer and simply wrap it with plastic wrap to keep everything in place.
  • Take caps off of your toiletries and cover the openings with plastic wrap, then put the caps back on. This will prevent a mess if they leak.

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