You want your living spaces to smell fresh and clean. Unpleasant odors interfere with your quality of life and can indicate a problem. Keep reading for tips on identifying odors in the home.

Ammonia-Like Smells

If you notice the sharp scent of ammonia in your home, there may be a dead animal hidden in the walls or ductwork. Ammonia-like odors occur at a particular stage of the decomposition process. It could be that a rat found its way into your attic and passed away, or maybe there is a dead mouse in the dryer duct.

Search behind furniture, in your crawlspaces, and inside cabinets. If you find an animal, wear gloves when handling it and use a sanitizing spray to clean the area afterward.

Sulfurous Odors in the Home

If your home smells like rotten eggs, you may have a gas leak. Gas companies add a sulfur-scented compound to the gas to ensure a leak doesn’t go unnoticed. Gas leaks significantly increase your risk for health problems and house fires. If your home smells of rotten eggs, leave the house and call your gas company immediately.

A Smell of Sewage

If you smell sewage coming up from a drain, this could be due to a blocked sewer vent. There may also be a blockage in one of your drain lines. Both of these issues should be addressed by a plumber. Call a professional for assistance troubleshooting the source of the odor and making repairs.

Smoky Smell

Smelling smoke in your home should concern you. If you are enjoying a fire in the fireplace, and the room becomes smoky, the chimney is not well-vented. Put the fire out, and have a chimney sweep inspect and clean the chimney before using it again.

If you’re unsure where the smoke is coming from, exit the home and call the fire department.

Rubber Odors in the Home

Odors in the home that remind you of rubber or melting plastic usually indicate an electrical problem. Wires may be frayed or touching.

You may notice the odor is strongest around a specific electrical outlet or light switch. If this is the case, turn off the power to the outlet or appliance giving off the odor. Have an electrician diagnose the problem before restoring power to the area.

Often, odors in the home are more than a simple annoyance. They are a reminder that something isn’t right. Pay attention to strange smells and take action if you suspect a problem. Swift action in the case of a fire, gas leak, electrical problem, or sewer blockage will keep your family healthy and safe.

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