Upgrading Your Kitchen

Whether you want to improve the value of your home or turn your current house into your dream home, remodeling is a great way to do that. When you remodel your kitchen you will gain a great return on investment. You might also be surprised how small adjustments will alter the functionality of your kitchen. Here are some of the best kitchen remodeling ideas for your home.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Cabinetry

Refinishing and repainting your cabinets will make a big difference in your space. If your cabinet doors are in good condition, refinishing is more affordable than replacing them entirely. During refinishing, the doors will be sanded and restained or repainted so that they look polished and new again without the expense of installing brand new cabinets.

Install New Hardware to Remodel Your Kitchen

Another affordable kitchen remodeling idea is to swap out the hardware on your cabinetry. Drawer pulls and handles play a subtle but important role in the look and feel of your kitchen. If these items are outdated they make your home feel older. If you are listing your home, bring more modern elements into your home that will attract potential buyers.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Countertops

Luxury countertop materials are durable, attractive, and designed to last. Upgrading your old, stained laminate countertops will improve the feel of your kitchen and add value to your home. Some of the most popular countertop materials today include quartz, concrete, granite, and marble.

If you enjoy getting creative with DIY projects, coating your existing countertops in epoxy is an affordable option that will transform their appearance. This method will emulate many popular stone patterns without spending money on the real thing.

Add an Island for Your Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen island is a great way to add functionality. An island can accommodate more storage, house additional appliances like a dishwasher or range, and you’ll have more surface area for food preparation. If you are going to replace your countertops during your remodel, choose coordinating or identical countertop material for your new kitchen island.

Hang Cookware Overhead

To save space, install a rack in your kitchen to hang pots and pans. These racks free up cabinet space by removing hard-to-stack cookware from shelves and hanging them on a rack instead. Hire a professional to install the rack who will make sure that it can support the weight of your pots and pans.

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