Pollutants build up in indoor air, especially when a house is well-sealed. It only takes a little effort to improve indoor air quality in your home. Use these 6 tips to provide your family with cleaner air to breathe.

Dust and Vacuum Frequently

One of the most common indoor air pollutants is dust. Dust that has settled on surfaces and the floor recirculates into the air when disturbed. Indoor air filled with dust causes allergies. Remove dust from your home by dusting and vacuuming often. Dusting with microfiber cloths is more effective than using a feather duster. A feather duster just sends the dust back into the air. Vacuum your floors twice a week using a machine with a HEPA filter.

Keep Houseplants to Filter the Air

NASA performed a study in 1989 which proved that houseplants remove certain toxins from indoor air. Chemicals that come from synthetic furniture and cleaning supplies, like ammonia and formaldehyde, cause health problems. Spider plants, Boston ferns, and peace lilies are all known to filter out these types of pollutants.

Look at the Ingredients in Your Cleaning Supplies

Many common commercial cleaning supplies are made from harsh chemicals that are unhealthy to breathe. If you want to improve indoor air quality, read the ingredients when you are shopping for cleaning supplies, and research what they are online. Try to find products that advertise themselves as “all-natural” or “eco-friendly”. You can also formulate homemade cleaning solutions made from simple household ingredients like vinegar.

Improve Indoor Air Quality With Vent Fans

The ventilation fans in your house are there for a reason. In the kitchen, they draw fumes and moisture created by cooking out of the house. In the bathroom, they reduce the humidity that is generated by showering. Turn them on when bathing and cooking.

Keep Smoke Away From the House

Besides using vent fans to eliminate smoke from cooking, you also want to keep cigarette smoke away from the house. Do not allow smoking inside. Even outside, designate an area away from doors and windows for smoking. Cigarette smoke can waft inside and open window or door if someone is smoking on a porch or deck. Cigarette smoke contains thousands of unhealthy chemicals.

Use an Air Purifier to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Take an extra step to improve indoor air quality with an air purifier. An air purifier is a machine that filters out toxins and allergens from indoor air. While this is the most expensive out of all the above tips, you should invest in an air purifier if you are serious about improving your indoor air.

Any of these tactics will improve indoor air quality, but all of them together will have the greatest effect.

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