In 2020, about one-third of the US workforce is working remotely. For many people, the coronavirus initiated a switch from working in a public office to working from home. If you didn’t already have an office space in your house, you may have had to put together one hastily and didn’t think through how it would be organized. Here are 5 tips to improve home office organization.

Home Office Organization: Clear Off Your Desk

Make a point to only leave items on your desk that need to be there. For instance, your computer, phone, and lamp are probably necessary to do work. Most people enjoy keeping a photo of their loved ones on their desk also. You don’t likely need a stack of old documents, this week’s mail, or devices that aren’t used often. Find other areas to keep those things that are not right out in the open, like a desk drawer. Go through the mail, pay bills, and throw away the trash. If you need to use something like the stapler, take it out of the drawer, use it, and put it away.

Use Wheeled Furniture

Furniture on wheels makes your home office a more flexible space. It is convenient to have chairs and filing cabinets on wheels for easier accessibility. You can even find desks with wheels that lock into place when you don’t want to move them. If you decide to rearrange your office, having furniture on wheels makes it much easier. It’s a good idea to rearrange the furniture in your office periodically for a fresh perspective.

Store Files Electronically for Home Office Organization

There are some lines of work that require you to store physical copies of documents, but if you can, store them electronically instead. An external hard drive takes up a fraction of the space that a filing cabinet does. Scan documents through a printer to convert them to a pdf and keep them backed up on an external hard drive.

Like Goes With Like

When planning out home office organization, always group like items together. This may seem like an obvious tip, but it is common for things like pens and flash drives to get scattered throughout the room. Have designated spaces for these items. Once a day, go through the room, gather miscellaneous things, and put them in the proper places.

Organizing Desk Drawers

Desk drawers need compartments or partitions in order to stay organized. If you throw small items in a desk drawer without smaller containers to store them, it will quickly become a cluttered mess. You can find desk drawer storage solutions for a low cost online or at an office supplies store.

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