Improving Curb Appeal for Fall

Fall weather provides a great opportunity to work on the exterior of your home. Whether you simply want to improve the look of the property or you are hoping to sell it, curb appeal helps capture the attention of guests or homebuyers. Your house will offer a great first impression that makes visitors excited to see the inside. If you’re unsure how to improve the exterior of your property, here are five fall curb appeal tips to help you out.

Clear Fall Leaves to Improve Curb Appeal

Leaves create a colorful scene during fall, however, they cause issues later if not removed from your gutters and yard. For instance, leaves can clog your gutters and prevent water from draining properly. Cleaning out leaves and other debris from your gutters helps to prevent water damage. Installing a leaf guard will prevent leaves from accumulating and add value to your house.

A lawn covered in leaves shows inattention to the upkeep of your house. Create a good impression when people view your home by raking the yard at least once a week.

Work on the Exterior Appearance of Your Home

During fall, the exterior of your home is more exposed because the trees on your property have lost their leaves. To keep the outside of the home looking attractive, clean the windows and pressure wash the siding. This is an excellent time to inspect the exterior for damage. If you find areas where the paint is chipped or faded, add a fresh coat of weather-resistant paint to enhance the appeal of your home.

Spruce Up the Front Door

The front door is one of the first parts of your house that people will see. For this reason, you might choose to paint the door to make it more attractive. Add a simple fall wreath or seasonal potted plants to highlight the entrance and create an inviting impression. If you use pumpkins to decorate, spray them with a natural repellant such as garlic or peppermint to keep squirrels and insects away.

Improve the Exterior Lighting

By the time fall arrives, the glass in exterior light fixtures may be dirty and dull. Remove the shades and clean them thoroughly with a glass cleaner. Clear glass will make your exterior lights look brighter.

Since days are shorter during fall, add additional exterior lighting by installing floodlights and walkway lighting. Solar-powered stake lights are great to illuminate the walkway, making the path to your front door safer and more accessible.

Update the House Numbers and Mailbox

Upgrade your mailbox and replace the old, faded home numbers to boost curb appeal. For more durability, purchase house numbers made of brass or stainless steel. Matching the new numbers to the finish of your exterior light fixtures ties the look together. If you choose to install a new mailbox, make sure the one you purchase meets USPS standards.

Maximize Your Fall Curb Appeal

Enhancing fall curb appeal isn’t a difficult task. These tips help you make the most of the season and improve the exterior of your home. If you are listing the property for sale, keep seasonal decorations to a minimum to avoid distracting from your home’s best features.

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