Building a brand new house can be one of the most exciting times in your life. New home construction often comes with a one-year warranty provided by the builder. Hire a professional home inspector to perform an 11th-month warranty inspection after you’ve moved in. This will ensure that there is time to file a claim before the one-year warranty period ends.

Find Problems with Your New Home

During the first year, new homes settle as they go through the seasons. Sometimes foundations will develop cracks. Grading issues may lead to poor drainage, causing water leaks and structural damage. Windows might experience broken seals.

The home can have heating or air conditioning issues due to a defective thermostat or loose wiring. You might notice electrical problems during the first year, such as improperly wired outlets or circuit breakers that are frequently tripped. Plumbing issues may also arise as a home settles.

Save Time and Money with an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection

By spending a few hundred dollars on an 11th-month warranty inspection, you’ll save time and money in the long run. If issues are found during the inspection, you can file a claim during the one-year warranty period and have these issues fixed for free by the builder. Over time, small defects can turn into larger, more expensive problems. It’s best to have minor issues repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

What an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection Covers

An inspector will examine all the major components of your new house including the foundation and structure of the home. The roof and siding will also be inspected, along with the attic and the insulation. The electrical and plumbing systems will be assessed. The inspector will test household appliances and inspect the windows.

Your home inspector will provide a detailed home inspection report with photos showing any defects or issues he or she discovered. This inspection report is invaluable when you file a claim with the warranty company.

Even though builders have to get permits and the construction must pass city code inspections, this doesn’t mean your home is in flawless condition. Get your new home inspected towards the end of the first year. With an 11th-month warranty inspection, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the true condition of your property.

Assurance Home Services can provide an 11th-month warranty inspection of your new home. If you’re in Charlotte or the surrounding areas, contact us to request our services.